$6,450 Worth of Metable Tokens Up for Grabs

2 min readFeb 14, 2024

Here we are again with a new update to keep you informed about the latest developments in the Metable project. Get ready for some exciting news!

Let’s start with a bang.

👉 The Metable token pre-sale is just around the corner.

Next week, the quickest ones among us will have the chance to get their hands on Metable tokens in an exclusive preview at prices up to 6 times lower than the listing price.

But there will be only a limited number of tokens available, so make sure to read the upcoming emails carefully to not miss out on the opening date and time of the sales.

In the coming days, you’ll also receive more details about the imminent Token Pre-sale.

Moving on to the updates.

👉 The Metaverse is almost ready too. The developers are making progress with bug fixing and implementing the final tweaks as per our roadmap.

As planned, we’ll be opening the closed beta version in March, allowing the very first fans to start using and testing it.

👉 This week, don’t miss out on the new contest where a total of $6,450 worth of Metable Tokens are up for grabs.

To participate for free, join here:

👉 https://zealy.io/c/metablemetaverse/invite/hmG_Nf2hETDNxhfm3ot2s

In the upcoming days, expect to receive new emails with further updates regarding the token pre-sale.

See you soon,

The Metable Team.




Metable is the first learning metaverse, where anyone can build their own school and start teaching and earning in a simple, practical and innovative way.