Metable Token Pre-Sale — Learn About Its Benefits!

2 min readFeb 16, 2024

The official Pre-Sale day for the Metable token is approaching fast.

The available tokens will be very limited, and eagle-eyed readers have already noticed that in the first round of 30, there will only be room for $2,500 worth of purchases.

Then we’ll move on to the next round, and with each round, the prices will increase (while still remaining advantageous compared to the fixed price at listing of $0.03).

Today, let’s talk about the benefits of the Metable token… because it’s these benefits that will attract demand in the future. And when demand arrives, do you know what happens to prices?…

👉 The Metable Token (MTBL) is the governance token of the Metable Metaverse.

The governance token is the most important token in a Metaverse because those who hold it will have voting rights for future decisions.

👉 The more tokens you own, the more weight your votes will carry.

👉 Owning Metable tokens will also entitle you to discounts when purchasing any asset within the metaverse (whether they are courses, NFTs, or anything else).

👉 Moreover, every transaction will burn a small portion of Metable tokens, reducing the available quantity.

👉 Additionally, the Metable Token will be the primary currency of the Metaverse, so anyone wishing to transact in Metable will need to use governance tokens.

👉 The Metable token will also need to be used by anyone wishing to sponsor any asset within the Metaverse. To advertise within Metable, advertisers will need to hold and then burn Metable tokens. This will increase demand and reduce supply.

👉 But it doesn’t end there; with Metable tokens, you can participate in quiz games and treasure hunts within the Metaverse.

Get ready because, as you can see, there will be numerous uses of the token that will make it very interesting for many people.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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