This week marks the beginning of the Metable Token Pre-sale

2 min readFeb 19, 2024

The time has finally come — this week, we’ll be opening the doors to the Metable Token Pre-sale.

Here’s how you can best prepare for this significant event!


First off, make sure to follow us on our main social media channels so you don’t miss a single update. Being even just 1 hour late could mean missing out on the Metable token at the lowest Pre-sale prices.

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Now, let’s go over some important Pre-sale information:

📌 The Pre-sale will kick off sometime this week (stay tuned for the official announcement with the exact date and time of the opening).

📌You can purchase tokens with USDT or USDC on the Polygon network (make sure to have your wallet ready).

📌There’s no maximum limit to the number of tokens you can purchase.

📌The Pre-sale consists of 30 rounds, each with a limited number of tokens available at increasing prices.

📌Once one round ends, it automatically moves to the next until reaching the final round.

📌Upon completion of the final round, the Pre-sale will officially conclude, and the exchanges where the token will be listed, along with the listing date, will be announced.

📌Tokens purchased in the Pre-sale will not have a vesting period, so they will be immediately tradable on the listing day.

📌The token price at listing will be $0.03, while the token price in the first round of the Pre-sale will be $0.005 (6x profit margin).

📌During the Pre-sale, there will be an opportunity to earn extra tokens by inviting friends. You’ll receive 10% of what your friends spend in Metable tokens.

📌For those who purchase tokens in the Pre-sale, there will also be a chance to obtain extra tokens through staking (further information will follow)

What do you need to purchase Metable Tokens?

👉Wallet such as Metamask or similar

👉Quantity of USDT or USDC you wish to purchase

👉1 Matic to execute the transaction

👉Nothing else required

We’re almost there, dear friends of Metable! The big day is right around the corner…

See you tomorrow with another update.

The Metable Team




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