Turn 100$ into 84,000$! Is it possible?

3 min readFeb 20, 2024

Do you want to know why the Metable Token could be one of the biggest crypto opportunities of 2024?

Let us explain it to you right away.

📌 The timing of the launch is perfect! With Bitcoin stabilizing above $50,000 and the halving approaching, optimism and confidence are returning to the crypto world.

📌After two years of bear market, we are finally back in a new bull run that could push Bitcoin beyond $100,000.

But by now, bitcoin has done the bulk of the movement… you can no longer expect to make a 1000% return in a few months as it did in the past.

Crypto investors know this, and they are starting to look for interesting projects with great potential that could provide significant returns in a short time. And among these projects is certainly Metable.

Why will Metable be a great opportunity in 2024?

📌Firstly, because during the long crypto market winter, the team continued to develop when many other crypto projects failed.

More than 1 million dollars has been invested in the project until now by the founders!

When projects survive bear markets, they typically succeed in the subsequent bullish markets.

📌The second reason is the tiny token market capitalization.

👉The founders, in their characteristic style, have decided to launch with a very small capitalization to favor higher future growth rather than raising large sums immediately.

👉The Metable Token (MTBL) will be listed on exchanges at $0.03. The market capitalization of circulating tokens will therefore be approximately $8 million.

📌$8 million could be the market capitalization of a token that hasn’t even begun to develop its idea. However, Metable has already developed the first version of the Metaverse, and next month, it will release the first closed-beta that early adopters can try.

👉What are the valuations of other Metaverse projects in the market today?

If we take Sandbox, one of the main metaverses in circulation, we see that its market cap today is $1.175 billion.

It may seem high, but it’s actually lower than the $6 billion it reached in the previous bull run.

So, if Metable becomes the next big Metaverse project in the crypto landscape and its market cap approaches even just Sandbox’s current market cap of $1.175 billion, it would mean that the token could appreciate by over 140 times from the listing price.

📌This would mean that $100 of Metable tokens today could be worth over $14,000 in the future.

And if you could buy the token even more discounted today, for example, at the prices of the first round at $0.005?

📌It would mean getting a return of 840 times the initial value, i.e., $100 could be worth $84,000.

Risking $100 to potentially gain $84,000 isn’t a good risk-reward ratio?

Can $100 change your life? I don’t think so. But $84,000?

👉The Metable token pre-sale starts in a few days! Don’t miss the upcoming emails because we’ll tell you exactly the day and time and everything you need to avoid missing out.

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See you soon,

The Metable Team.




Metable is the first learning metaverse, where anyone can build their own school and start teaching and earning in a simple, practical and innovative way.